New SP system in enamelled steel

1 July 2017

Enamelled carbon steel connecting flue pipe for pellet stoves

A continuous research for better product performances complying with the evolving EU regulations on flue systems has led the R&D and Quality Department of Stabile S.p.A. to develop the new STABILE SP line.

The dull black enamelling is the result of a research carried out by the Stabile specialists to get to a high performance and safe product that is compliant with the new standards on connecting flue pipes.

STABILE SP – made in carbon steel with internal and external vitreous enamelling and a total 8/10 thickness – is a product with male/female coupling that ensures a full compatibility with the STEEL Stabile product lines (STABILE PS, STABILE PD, STABILE RDP and STABILE DA).

The porcelain enamel – defined as inorganic coating – adheres on the steel thanks to the vitrification baking (that is done at a temperature over 800°C), creating a new product that combines the characteristics of the glass in terms of cleanness with the ones of the steel in terms of robustness and versatility ensuring high quality standards and durability over time.

The system – adaptable and adjustable to any type of installation – is available both individually packed in the diameters 80 and 100 mm, and in pre-packaged KITS (BASIC – MEDIUM – PLUS – COMPLETE) in dia. 80 mm.

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